Product News

Below you'll find announcements of selected Orchid Systems product releases. More detail about these (and other product updates) can be found in the Release Notes in our Online Help.

Product News

Extender PU 12.07 released for Sage 300 versions 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024
3 Nov 2023

We have released Extender product update 12.07, compatible with Sage 300 version 2024 (as well as v2023, 2022, 2021).

The update includes a new Modules screen feature to display the Python packages used in scripts. Refer to  Extender Help - Release Notes for details. 

Information Manager update for Sage 300 versions 2022, 2023 and 2024
30 Oct 2023
Information Manager version 2024 is now released. The update includes a change to Financial Report Runner so that Reports can now be saved as Microsoft Excel XLSX files, reducing the compatibility error messages.
EFT Processing for Sage 300 version 2024 is now available
25 Oct 2023
Orchid has released EFT Processing for Sage 300 version 2024. The latest build is compatible with Sage 300 version 2024. EFT Processing PU14.00 is also available for versions 2021, 2022 and 2023. Click through for details.
RMA and Process Scheduler product updates
20 Sep 2023

New product updates for RMA and Process Scheduler versions 2021, 2022 and 2023 have been released. 

Refer to the Options > Updates Tab for details on the changes. 

EFT Processing (Sage Intacct) PU20230811
24 Aug 2023
The latest EFT Processing for Sage Intacct product update (PU20230811) contains a number of fixes and enhancements.
Information Manager and Process Scheduler updates
2 Aug 2023
Information Manager PU12.07 and Process Scheduler PU12.01 for Sage 300 versions 2021/22/23 include various fixes and improvements. 
EFT Processing for Sage 300 (PU13) & Extender (PU12.05)
25 Jul 2023
Our latest EFT Processing (for Sage 300) PU includes a range of enhancements and minor fixes. The Extender PU provides support for the associated EFT Web Screen enhancements.
Orchid Modules are compatible with Sage 300 version 2023 PU3
20 Jun 2023
All Orchid modules are compatible with Sage 300 version 2023 System Manager PU3.  As per Sage release notes, please review all instructions before installing the System Manager update.
EFT Processing (Sage Intacct) now supports A/R Payments in EFT Files for Direct Debits
31 May 2023
EFT Processing (Sage Intacct) now supports A/R Payments to create EFT Files for Customer Direct Debits. This new feature was introduced and demonstrated in our recent webinar.
Info-Explorer 64-bit version released
15 May 2023

Orchid has released a new product update for Info-Explorer with the following changes. 

Product update for EFT Processing (Sage Intacct)
5 May 2023

Orchid released update 20230508 for EFT Processing (Sage Intacct) to fix 2 issues:

[20230505] * Fixes issue generating EFT files from multiple tabs.
[20230508] * Voided advance payments are no longer included in AP Payment Requests.

Sage partners can download the update and install the XML File in Platform Services > Application. 

Information Manager (PU 12.05)
27 Apr 2023
PU12.05 (for Sage 300 versions 2021, 2022, and 2023) includes various improvements. Click through for more information.