Process Scheduler

Schedule your critical business processes to run automatically and unattended

"Orchid Process Scheduler works like a charm! Awesome product. The client loves it."


No need for operations staff to manually kick off & monitor recurring processes

  • Easy to learn & use: create and run complex schedules with no programming
  • Peace of mind with integrity checking and error notification
  • Avoid performance degradation, resource conflicts and staff down time by executing critical processes outside business hours
  • System Integrity: Have confidence that your data is being checked on a regular basis
  • Data Security: automate backups through Sage 300's DBDump utility
  • Automatically run day end, post batches, and run custom processes overnight

Process Scheduler Features

Flexible Setup

  • Set up multiple Schedules as recurring jobs
  • Define logic to specify what happens next on success and failure of a task
  • Define email templates to be used when sending status emails from Schedules
  • All schedules are tracked, and a history of the scheduled actions (success or failure) can be reported on at any time
  • Allows you to take advantage of the flexible scheduling capability of Windows Task Scheduler
  • Optionally send email alerts (Always, or Only if Errors)

Data Integrity Process Automation

Typical automations include:

  • Schedule Sage 300 to check your data integrity unattended
  • Send alerts when new errors are detected
  • Specify which companies and which modules must be checked
  • Keep a history of results of past integrity checks and optionally clear old logs
  • Keep up-to-date test and reporting databases by loading your data into different databases overnight

System Process Automation

Typical automations include:

  • Run day end, and optionally post batches
  • Post AR, AP, GL, IC and PJC batches
  • Automatically dump your data for backup
  • Copy/load your data for testing and reporting
  • Schedule custom processes and programs
  • Schedule GL Consolidation Export and Import
  • Reconcile GL Consolidation Import and Export
  • Automate notification, per company, of changes to active Sage 300 Modules and Product Update details
  • Close last fiscal period and open next fiscal period, open new fiscal year
  • Check disk space on a nominated drive, and send an email if below a threshhold


Our client is very happy with Orchid Process Scheduler and has utilized it to run Day End and Database Dump on a daily basis...


Orchid Process Scheduler works like a charm! Awesome product. The client loves it.


Process Scheduler has worked really well for us. It gives us a great deal of confidence in the integrity and security of our data.


Process Scheduler is available in 3 Levels

Select the level required for your requirements and upgrade later to the next level if your requirements change.

Level 1

Actions Available for:

  • Data Integrity
  • Crystal Report
  • Info-Explorer Cubes
  • Extender Scripts
  • Active Module Notifications
  • Check integrity of a single module
  • Check integrity of all modules in a company
  • Dump database
  • Sage 300 Service Pack Audit (document active modules & service packs)
  • Clear Data Integrity Log
  • Refresh Info-Explorer Cube
  • Run Report Runner for Crystal Reports
  • Check disk space
  • Send email
  • Run Extender Script

Level 2
Day End & Posting

All Level 1 Actions, plus:

Day End:

  • Run Day End (I/C and P/O)

AR, AP and GL Posting options:

  • Post All batches,
  • Post All batches in a module
  • Post All Ready to Post batches
  • Post All Ready to Post batches in a module
  • Post System batches (all or in a single module)

IC posting options:

  • Post IC Receipts, IC Shipments, IC Adjustments, IC Internal Usage, IC Transfers, IC Assemblies,
  • Post All IC Documents

PJC posting options:

  • Post PJC Timecards, Equipment Usage, Charges, Costs, Revenue Estimates, Material Usage, Material Returns, Material Allocation
  • Post All PJC documents

Level 3
Advanced Actions

All Level 1 & 2 Actions, plus:

  • Load Database
  • Copy Database
  • Run Program (Wait)
  • Run Program (Don't Wait)
  • GL Consolidation Export
  • GL Consolidation Import
  • Run Report Runner Financial Report Group
  • Open period, close period
  • Open year
  • Open next period
  • Close Earliest Open Period

Discontinued action:

  • Run AVB (Discontinued) - Support for AVBs has been discontinued due to security changes in recent versions of Windows. The option to run AVBs has been left in for those sites running older versions of Windows.

Product Screenshots

Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot
Process Scheduler screenshot


  • Features relate to the latest supported version (currently v2022).
  • Process Scheduler 2022 requires Sage 300 2022 System Manager.
  • Users can upgrade from one level to the next.

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