Bin Tracking

Track inventory items accurately across multiple bins within Sage 300

No need for a separate warehouse management system
just to track multiple bins in one Inventory Control Location

  • Warehouse staff know exactly where to store and find any inventory item
  • Streamlined picking and put-away means faster turnaround, reduced handling costs
  • Fewer items lost or misplaced, fewer rejected orders, increased customer satisfaction
  • Bin-level stocktakes let you maintain more accurate and granular accurate inventory records
  • All bin information is held within Sage 300
  • You decide what a Bin is, e.g., shelves, slots, containers, barrels, pallets, or drawers.
  • Integrates with numerous 3rd Party modules, some of which support hand-held scanning devices for yet more efficiency gains.
  • No need to purchase, learn, maintain and reconcile a separate warehouse management system just to track multiple bins

Bin Tracking Features

Configuration Options (Bin & Item level)

Per Bin

  • Pick order, to optimize picking route
  • Put-away order, to optimize put-away route
  • Allow receipts, or reserve bins for picking only
  • An optional 'quick entry' shortcut key, to avoid typing long bin location codes

Per Item within a Bin:

  • Allowed in this bin, to reserve bins for specific items
  • Unit of measure, to reserve bins for bulk stock
  • Re-order level and quantity, to support Bin Replenishment Report
  • Maximum quantity 

Flexible Bin Allocation Options

Per enabled Sage 300 transaction, set the picking/put-away method (choice of pick/put-away location) to:

  • Auto Pick / Put-away and Post
  • Auto Pick / Put-away
  • Manual

Put Away Bin Allocation can be based on:

  • Last bin picked from
  • Last bin put away to
  • Bin Setup put-way order

Picking Bin Allocation can be based on:

  • Most recent put-away
  • Oldest put-away
  • Bin Setup pick order

Sage 300 Transactions enabled for Bin Tracking

  • O/E Shipment
  • O/E Credit Note
  • O/E Debit Note
  • I/C Receipt
  • I/C Shipment
  • I/C Shipment Return
  • I/C Transfer
  • I/C Adjustment
  • I/C Stocktake
  • I/C Assembly
  • I/C Disassembly
  • I/C Internal Usage
  • P/O Receipt
  • P/O Return
  • RMA O/E Credit Note
  • RMA P/O Return

Configuration Options (Bin Transfer)

Per Sage 300 transaction, configure the Bin Transfer document to: 

  • Automatically pop up for completion with the Sage 300 transaction, or;
  • Be created for subsequent data entry

Configurable status for new Bin Transfer documents:

  • Not ready
  • Ready for picking /put-away
  • In progress
  • Complete

Define Optional Fields on multiple Record Types

Optional Fields can be defined for any of:

  • Bin records
  • Bin Transfer header records
  • Bin Transfer detail records

If the same Optional Field is defined on both the Bin Transfer and the source transaction (e.g. OE Shipment, PO Receipt, IC Assembly, IC Adjustment), the source values will be carried over to the Bin Transfer.

Tracking, Stocktake & Reporting

  • All warehouse movements are tracked by Bin Transfer document
  • Generate bin-level physical inventory worksheets and stock adjustments
  • Enquire on bin quantities per item & location
  • Report on bins to be re-stocked

A Sage 300 Module

  • Bin Tracking is developed in the Sage 300 SDK, providing the familiar Sage 300 look & feel plus standard security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking and more
  • All Bin Tracking data is stored in the Sage 300 database, allowing it to be easily backed up and included in Dump & Load functions

Product Screenshots


Orchid's solutions are developed in the Sage 300 (Accpac) SDK with a consistent Accpac look and feel. These modules are an excellent way to enhance Sage 300 ERP's functionality.


Orchid programs work exceptionally well and they are quick on the mark to make changes/additions or fix anything that is not working 100%.


We are extremely satisfied with the quality of Orchid's products and look forward to selling more...


Orchid stand behind what they build. They are always keen to listen to a need or challenge faced by a client or prospect, and adapt or enhance their products where it makes sense to do so.


Integration with other Modules

Bin Tracking integrates seamlessly with:

  • Sage 300: IC, OE, PO, Serialized Inventory & Lot Tracking
  • Orchid Systems: Return Materials Authorization

Bin Tracking is also compatible with other Warehouse Management Service products and modules developed in the Sage 300 SDK, including:

  • AutoSimply: Barcode Operation; Manufacturing Order (Issuances, Receipts)
  • Technisoft: Service Manager (Invoices, Credits, "Cost Only" transactions)
  • Accu-Dart: Inventory Management Solution
  • Edisoft: Order Fulfillment
  • WMSsoft

Minimum Requirements

  • Features relate to the latest supported version.
  • Bin Tracking requires Sage 300 Inventory Control.
  • Pop-up option for Bin Transfer creation is currently only compatible with Sage 300 Classic Desktop.

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