Product News

Below you'll find announcements of selected Orchid Systems product releases. More detail about these (and other product updates) can be found in the Release Notes in our Online Help.

Product News

Freight SmartLink new product update
16 Nov 2022

The latest product update for Freight SmartLink versions 2020, 2021 and 2022 includes support for emailing using Microsoft Graph. 

Freight SmartLink is now available for version 2023. 

Bin Tracking v2023 released
10 Nov 2022

Bin Tracking v2023 has now been released. All Orchid modules except Freight SmartLink have now been released. Freight SmartLink coming soon. 

Information Manager and Process Scheduler version 2023 released
6 Nov 2022

Information Manager and Process Scheduler version 2023 released. 

Refer to

The latest Information Manager product update for versions 2022, 2021 and 2020 was also released with sundry fixes, including speed improvements on O/E Order Entry screens for Sage 300 version 2022. 


Extender v2023 released and new product update for Extender v2020, 2021 and 2022
28 Oct 2022

Extender PU12.01 released.

New Extender product update includes compatibility for version 2023 and sundry fixes for versions 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

EFT Processing for Sage Intacct is now available
27 Oct 2022
EFT Processing for Sage Intacct, the latest addition to Orchid's portfolio of Sage Add-ons, is now available. Click through for more information.
Sage 300 version 2023 compatibility release for EFT Processing, RMA and Inter-Entity
24 Oct 2022
The first V2023 compatibility releases for Orchid's Sage 300 modules are now available. Click through for status updates and further details.
Support for using Microsoft Graph to email from Office 365
27 Sep 2022
Orchid modules that send emails now support the use of Microsoft Graph for emailing from Office 365, with modern authentication. Click through for details.
Complex password support in Process Scheduler
25 Sep 2022
The latest Product Updates for Process Scheduler support Sage 300's complex passwords (available in the latest PUs of Sage System Manager versions 2020, 2021, and 2022).
Complex Password support (Inter-Entity & RMA)
25 Aug 2022
The latest Product Updates for Inter-Entity and Return Material Authorizations (RMA) support Sage 300's complex passwords.
Modulo eImagePac to DML Conversion
26 Jul 2022
Our new Extender module facilitates moving files from Modulo eImagePac to Document Management Link (DML) network folders.
Inter-Entity PU to fix sundry Integration mapping issues
25 Jun 2022
You can now successfully map OE Shipment Tracking No field to a PO Receipt field, and vice-versa. 
Extender PU11 Enhancements
26 May 2022

Extender PU11 is now available for all supported versions.  Enhancements include

  • The ability to configure the fields where Extender needs to store the Original Value and New Value in a script.

  • Ability to let scripts run in a Python shared environment. 

  • New features in the Modules screen.