Product News

Below you'll find announcements of selected Orchid Systems product releases. More detail about these (and other product updates) can be found in the Release Notes in our Online Help.

Product News

New Bin Tracking Product update - Versions 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022
22 Dec 2021

The latest Bin Tracking product update includes various improvements and fixes, in particular improved reports with Bin Allocation.

  • New custom report for I/C Transfer slip with Bin allocation.

  • O/E Picking slips now include suggested bins for kit components.

New Extender product update
16 Dec 2021

Extender PU10.05 has been released and includes sundry fixes. Refer to the Extender Options > Updates Tab for details.

It also includes 2 new workflow actions PostICInternalUsage and PostICReceipt. Details in the Knowledge Base for partners only. 

Version 2022 update - All Orchid modules are available
3 Nov 2021

All Orchid modules are now compatible with Sage 300 version 2022. 

EFT Processing new features and version 2022 update
19 Oct 2021

EFT Processing, Extender, RMA and Inter-Entity version 2022 are now available. 

In addition to the compatibility release, EFT Processing includes some new features in all supported versions: 

  • New security group to Recreate EFT File. 

  • New option in EFT Banks to configure Clearing Transfer number when using an EFT Clearing bank. 

v2022 release - RMA now available
13 Oct 2021

RMA version 2022 is now available. In addition to the compatibility release, Return Material Authorizations (RMA) now supports Sage 300 Multiple Contacts functionality.

Note regarding installation: The installer doesn't prompt for Serial Number and Activation Code anymore. 

Extender Marketplace launched
8 Jul 2021

The Extender Marketplace is a showcase for Extender Apps. These are Sage 300 customizations by a range of experienced Python developers, all designed and built for use with the Orchid Extender customization platform.

EFT Processing Web Screens released for version 2021
31 May 2021

EFT Processing v2021 PU3 is now available. It includes the first release of the EFT Processing web screens for AP and AR. 

For details on installing and using the web screens, refer to the online help: Configuring and Using EFT Web screens

Extender now supports Python 3.8.8
31 May 2021

Extender product update PU9.00 is now available. It includes the option to configure Extender to use Python version 3.8.8. 

For details, refer to the online help: Extender Options


Information Manager product update available
24 May 2021

Information Manager product update available for versions 2019, 2020 and 2021. Document Management Link SharePoint integration now supports TLS1.2


Info-Explorer online help now available
5 May 2021

In April 2021, we updated the Info-Explorer training guide and uploaded online help and documentation to support the Info-Explorer getting started webinar. For details, refer to : 

Info-Explorer Help and Documentation


March 2021 Product News
25 Mar 2021
  • Product updates for Extender, EFT ,  Inter-Entity, and RMA versions 2021, 2020 and 2019 - Refer to release notes and updates tab for details on fixes and changes
  • New workflow templates to send conditional emails for OE Orders 
  • New workflow template to approve and post Bank Entries
New EFT Processing product update for v2021, v2020 and v2019
26 Feb 2021

New product update for EFT Processing includes sundry fixes. Refer to EFT Options > Update Tab for details.  As this PU contains new fields to support the change in the EFT Transfer Details Report and more fields on the EFT Banks, after downloading and installing the PU you will need to re-activate the module in all companies where EFT Processing has been activated.

EFT Processing V2021 - PU2.01