Watch Orchid customers, partners and team members present solutions to enhance Sage 300 core functionality. 

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Extender - New Sample Modules (Jul-2020) - Webinar

Our Extender Developer (for Consultants) webinar included a description of 3 new sample modules.

Remote Action - Launch Webinar

This recording of our June 2020 Webinar demonstrates our new Remote Action Service and explains how it works in conjunction with Extender Workflow & Process Scheduler.

Remote Approval using Extender Workflow - Webinar

We demonstrate a number or approval scenarios featuring Orchid's Extender Workflow and Remote Access tools.

Extender - Developer (Demo)

Anne demonstrates how the Developer edition of Orchid Extender can use Python scripts to build custom screens, tables, workflow actions, and other bespoke Sage 300 customizations.

Extender - Configurator (Demo)

Anne demonstrates what you can do with Extender (Configurator Edition) without having to write a single line of code.

Smarter Remote Working

Nathalie demonstrates a number of scenarios showing how Orchid Systems made the transition to remote working in response to COVID-19, and shares ideas about how other businesses could work smarter remotely using Orchid's Sage 300 add-ons.

Extender as an Integration Tool

Nathalie discusses and demonstrates how Orchid Extender can be used to integrate external applications into a Sage 300 environment.

EFT/Inter-Entity Spotlight - Create AR Receipt & Refund Batches

Anne demonstrates how Orchid's EFT Processing and/or Inter-Entity Transactions modules can create AR Receipt (including zero value 'Applied Documents') and AR Refund Batches.

Top-Down & Bottom-Up Budgeting in Sage 300 - Demo

Anne demonstrates budgeting in Sage 300 using Orchid's Optional Tables Spreadsheet Add-in for Microsoft Excel, plus Info-Explorer Writeback.