Remote Action Service

Progress an Extender Workflow without needing to be logged in to Sage 300

  • Easy to use, works from any internet-connected device
  • No software for Workflow Users to install, all they need is email and a browser
  • Secure, with no open firewall ports to Sage 300
  • Builds on the powerful Extender Workflow capabilities

Remote Action Service Features

Remote Action Service builds on Extender Workflow

  • Works in conjunction with the Workflow capability provided by Orchid Extender
  • Builds on Orchid Extender's ability to execute Python scripts
  • Remote Actions can apply to Sage 300 Masterfiles, Transactions & Batches (for Sage 300 core modules, or 3rd party modules developed in the Sage 300 SDK)
  • Workflows, emails and web forms are all highly configurable
  • Remote Action service is a Poplar Development Solution built on the Django Web Framework and hosted on AWS for security and peace of mind

Triggering a Remote Action

  • One or more Remote Actions can be included when configuring a Workflow Template, using Orchid Extender
  • When the Remote Action is triggered, a configurable webform is created on the cloud-based Remote Action Service platform.
  • When the action is assigned to an individual (or group member) they are notified by email

Processing a Remote Action

  • The email each assigned Workflow User receives includes a one-time link, unique to that named user and workflow instance/action
  • By clicking on the link they are taken to a secure page where they can complete the action (e.g. Approve or Reject, enter a comment, enter a value) 

Completing the Action

  • Extender retrieves completed Remote Action forms from the website and feeds the results back into Sage 300 to progress the Workflow
  • The retrieval step can be automated by using Process Scheduler to regularly poll the Remote Action website for newly completed forms

Step by Step

An Extender Workflow instance starts, then:

  • (1A) - An email is sent to the nominated approver(s)
  • (1B) - The email includes a one-time link to an online form specific to this action & user
  • (2) - The email recipient clicks on the link and fills in the form to remotely complete the action
  • (3) - Extender retrieves the details of the completed Remote Action form

Extender then feeds the result back into Sage 300 to progress the Workflow

Case Study featuring Remote Action Service

Orca Oz Enterprises uses Extender Workflow, including Remote Action Service, to enforce their 2-Step AP Approval business rule.

Orca's new A/P Approval solution has saved time and effort, ensured compliance, supported their new remote working regime, and resulted in faster payment to the vendor. Everyone's a winner! 



  • Each Remote Action user requires a named Workflow User licence. A subscription to the Remote Action service is also required. 
  • Remote Action users do not need to be logged in to Sage 300, but the Remote Action service works in conjunction with the Workflow capability provided by Orchid Extender (all editions), which in turn requires Sage 300 to be installed.
  • Automatic polling to retrieve Remote Action results requires Orchid Process Scheduler (Level 1 or higher).

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