Product News

Below you'll find announcements of selected Orchid Systems product releases. More detail about these (and other product updates) can be found in the Release Notes in our Online Help.

Product News

Remote Action Service launched to progress Extender Workflow
1 Jul 2020

Remote Action allows Workflow Users to progress Extender Workflows from any internet-connected device, without needing to be logged in to Sage 300. For details, refer to the Remote Action products page. 

Extender module with sample workflow actions available in the partner download area. 

Requires a separate subscription to the Remote Action Service. 

Extender sample module for EFT Processing and Extender users
29 Jun 2020

Extender module to add EFT Buttons to AR and AP screens - Refer to Resources/scripts and knowledgeable for details

Inter-Entity update released June 2020 - New features in Cash Management
25 Jun 2020

Cash Management now handles reversals and bank entry number available as a field to map. 

Extender PU7.06 released
20 May 2020

We released a range of new features in Extender PU7.06, including improvements to the Workflow Console and the ability to use CTRL-F to filter grid screens. Refer to Extender help for details.