Extender Configurator

Tailor Sage 300 without writing a single line of code

"Thanks again for introducing me to Orchid Extender…that’s quite an incredible product you have there!"


Alerts, logging and workflows for enhanced collaboration, consistency and security

  • Keep people informed with configured alerts and notifications
  • Log changes to critical data
  • Facilitate real-time integration with other systems
  • Automate business processes with custom workflows in Sage 300
  • Configure workflows such as approvals of transactions, master files and batches
  • Enhance security with system logging
  • Works with both Sage 300 core modules and 3rd Party modules developed using the Sage 300 SDK

Extender Configurator Features

Alerts and Notifications

Configure which Sage 300 changes to monitor

  • Nominate sensitive fields (e.g. credit limits, bank details)
  • Decide which operations to monitor (e.g. Insert, Update, Delete)

When a change to monitored data occurs:

  • Generate real-time email alerts to nominated recipients
  • Attach a Note (Orchid Notes) to relevant Sage 300 screens

Alert Contents:

Alerts (emails or Notes) use configurable templates. They can show:

  • What changed (including pre & post-change values)
  • When it changed
  • Who changed it


Configure which Sage 300 changes to monitor:

  • As with Alerts, you can nominate specific database fields & operations
  • The result is enhanced auditing capability on any table, any field, at any time

When a change to monitored data occurs:

  • Log details of the change to create an audit trail
  • As with Alerts, log entries can show what changed, when it changed, who changed it, and the pre & post-change values

Viewing Logs:

  • View change logs directly from Sage 300 without leaving the screen or running reports
  • Log entries are stored in the Sage 300 database, so you can write your own reports if you wish
  • Screen icons can be used to access Extender Logs directly from Sage 300 screens
  • Perform context-sensitive drill down into specific changes from the Extender Log


  • Track and progress approvals or other critical business processes
  • Add consistency and transparency to your processing
  • Increase the visibility and auditability of key processes

Configuring Workflows

  • Workflow templates can be configured and attached to Sage 300 view fields or operations
  • Extender Configurator lets you build up workflow steps using a range of pre-defined Actions, designed to cater for many common business scenarios

Using Workflows:

  • Workflows can be triggered automatically when configured data changes occur within Sage 300
  • Alternatively, start a workflow manually from icons on your Sage 300 screens
  • Active workflow instances can be viewed and actioned (e.g. Approve or Reject) using the Workflow Console, or via screen icons
  • The Workflow Anywhere App provides a made-for-mobile version of the Workflow Console
  • Workflow Users can also progress actions without being logged in to Sage 300 when you subscribe to Remote Action Service.


Extender can be configured to call an external program when a nominated data change occurs within Sage 300


  • Synchronize between systems more efficiently, in real time. Only update data that has changed
  • Call an EDI application when a Sage 300 order is created or modified

Upgrade to Extender Developer to use the power of Python

Product Screenshots


The well thought out design of Orchid’s DIMO Maint connector, together with detailed training and timely support from Orchid, allowed our integration projects to succeed.


Thanks again for introducing me to Orchid Extender…that’s quite an incredible product you have there!




  • Features relate to the latest supported version.
  • Extender requires Sage 300 System Manager, and operates with 3rd Party modules written in the Sage 300 SDK.
  • Notes functionality requires Orchid Notes.
  • Workflow User licences are required to access Extender Workflow functionality or to access Extender Logs via screen icons.
  • Named Workflow Anywhere User licences are required for each Workflow Anywhere App user (in addition to Workflow User licences).

Python is installed as part of Extender. If you have another version of Python installed it has no effect on Extender - Extender will use its own version. (Python is a widely used, general-purpose, high-level, open-source scripting language.)

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