Getting Started with Process Scheduler - Webinar

Tailoring, Automation & Integration

In this recording of our February 2021 Webinar we use a range of scenarios to demonstrate how Process Scheduler works, and how easy it is to get started.

00:00 Introduction to Process Scheduler (PS)
03:28 Overview of demo scenarios
04:18 Installation & Activation
05:32 Check the PS License file
05:48 Configuring PS Options, Companies, Emails
08:40 Setup Schedules: Day End & Post across 3 companies
12:16 Run/Test schedule from PS Schedule Screen
13:46 Configure Windows Task Scheduler
16:03 Opening Fiscal Periods across multiple companies
18:19 Run/Test schedule from PS Schedule Screen
19:10 Schedule Data Integrity Checks & clear logs
21:00 Run/Test schedule from PS Schedule Screen
24:19 Using PS with Info-Explorer & Report Runner
37:07 Using PS to run with Extender Scripts
52:00 Process Scheduler Editions (Levels 1,2 and 3)
54:00 Q&A