Quick Start - Process Scheduler

Tailoring, Automation & Integration
Product Training

Learn how to quickly configure and install Orchid Process Scheduler for Sage 300. We step through some typical examples to help you get started and build your own schedules.

00:00 Introduction & Overview
01:02 Download, install and activate Process Scheduler
02:18 Check the PS License file
02:32 Setup Options, Companies, Email Messages
05:21 Setup Schedules: Day End & Post across 3 companies
09:01 Run/Test a Schedule from PS Schedule Screen
10:31 Run a Schedule using Windows Task Scheduler
12:47 Setup: Open periods/Module across 3 companies
15:04 Run/Test Open Periods/Module Schedule
15:55 Setup: Data Integrity Check across 3 companies
17:45 Run/Test DIC from PS Schedule Screen
20:11 Where to find More Info