Report Runner, Process Scheduler, & Data Views - Demo Webinar

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Nathalie gives a detailed demonstration of these three Orchid add-on modules for Sage 300.

  • Report Runner - Run multiple reports, distribute by email, save parameters for re-running, set up role-specific report menus
  • Process Scheduler - Schedule recurring integrity checks, backups, day ends, reports, and other critical processes to run unattended
  • Data Views - Turn Sage 300 Optional Fields into columns for simpler report writing and faster execution

00:00 Introduction to Orchid
03:15 Overview of Process Scheduler
06:02 Overview of Report Runner
09:03 Data Views Overview & Demo
13:33 Report Runner (Crystal Reports) Demo
24:47 Using Process Scheduler for Crystal Reports
28:56 Report Runner (Financial Reports) Demo
35:16 Using Process Scheduler for Financial Reports
39:28 Process Scheduler Demo (detailed)
55:30 Process Scheduler troubleshooting
57:22 Webinar Q&A session & wrap-up