Python, the scripting language used by Orchid Extender, appears headed for top of the pops

Python Snake

It’s less than a year since we reported that Python was staking a claim to be “the fastest growing major programming language.” That growth has continued unabated, to the point where predictions are now being made that:

Python could dethrone Java as the most popular programming language as early as this year. Indeed, some indexes suggest it may already have happened.

Why are we interested in this, and why should you be?

This further vindicates Orchid’s decision to use Python as the scripting language for our Extender module.

More importantly, it should give our business partners and their clients the confidence to invest in Sage 300 customizations built on Extender Scripts. The huge and increasing pool of Python programmers means the skills needed to write and maintain scripts will continue to be readily available, and those scripts are not likely to become ‘stranded assets’ any time soon.

What are the reasons for Python's stellar trajectory?

They are no doubt many, but it seems to be the beneficiary of a virtuous cycle of increasing use:

  • Python started becoming popular in introductory programming courses, thanks largely to its inherent qualities like clarity and readability.
  • As those students graduated and moved into industry, Python unsurprisingly became their language of choice.
  • The rising popularity of Python caught the attention of established developers, keen to ensure their skills were up to date and marketable.
  • The increasing availability of skilled Python developers made it even more attractive to businesses deciding which language to use for new software projects.
  • This only served to increase the attractiveness of Python as a teaching language - the August 2018 TIOBE Index reports that over the past decade Python has overtaken Java to become the clear leader in terms of languages taught at US Universities.
  • And so the cycle continues…

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