Recent research vindicates Orchid’s decision to use Python as the scripting language for Extender


When we looked for a scripting language to use with our Extender product there were quite a few contenders, but we took a punt on Python.

That decision may have appeared a little heroic (if not Pythonic) at the time, but it certainly seems to have been vindicated by Data Scientist David Robinson’s recent research, published in a article called “The Incredible Growth of Python”. In it he makes the case that...

Python has a solid claim to being the fastest-growing major programming language.

So why is this important?
Python Growth

It’s not just that we want to yell out “we were right”! We’re not even saying Python is necessarily the best…we’ll let the tech-heads fight over that one.

What really excites us is that it demonstrates there is a large and rapidly growing population of Python programmers out there.

This gives us and our customers confidence that they'll be able to readily access the skills needed to develop new Extender Scripts, as well as maintaining and enhancing existing ones, well into the future.

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