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Upcoming Events: 
  • 9-11 Sep: TPAC Pre-Conference Training - see below
  • 11-13 Sep: TPAC 2022 (Vancouver) - see below
  • 27-Sep: Orchid Webinar - What's New at Orchid Systems
  • 20-Oct: Rejuvenate 2022 (Virtual event by Robert Lavery & Associates)
See our Events page for details and registration. Follow our Twitter account for event announcements & updates.
Join Orchid at TPAC

We can't wait to catch up with old acquaintances (and make new ones) when we celebrate the return to TPAC. More details are on our event page, but this is where to see us:
  • Exhibition Centre: We'll be at Booth 34
  • Sunday Session (14:00): Orchid Extender: A Vital Tool to Customize Sage 300
  • Monday Session (09:10): What's New at Orchid Systems
TPAC Pre-Conference Training

These 3 events are still open for registrations, but you'll need to act quickly!
  • 9-Sep: Developer Training - customizing Sage 300 with Extender Developer, using Python. (Also open to Online participants.)
  • 10-Sep: Consultant Training - advanced consulting tips & tricks for Orchid’s Sage 300 add-ons.
  • 11-Sep: Sales Training - a free 1/2 day event on selling and supporting Orchid's Sage 300 add-ons.

The Enhanced P/O & O/E Comments App enables the use of long-form comments, without the usual Sage line format restrictions. It:

  • Accepts copy & paste input, and rich text
  • Has no line length limitations
  • Can be configured to transcribe comments from O/E Order lines to related P/O Order lines
Videos you might have missed:

Extender Developer Training (Part 1)

Part 1 of our new Extender Developer training series (and our August webinar topic) provides a foundation for using Extender to customize Sage 300.
Articles you might have missed:

When 2 Pizzas just aren’t enough

This blast from Amazon's past includes some intriguing approaches to organizational structures and communication.

Going Global: Dominos fall while EFT rises

Whether it’s fast food or software, taking a product to the world can make you or break you.
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