Casting a Net

Orchid casts its net far and wide

The variety of businesses represented in Orchid’s recent sales reflects the breadth of our product offerings.

There are many paths to success when it comes to developing business software, but most developers will focus on one of these categories:

  • Niche: Some will design products for a very specific type of business – perhaps golf club management, equipment hire, retail florists, or restaurant bookings.
  • Vertical: Others will seek to meet more generalized, but industry-specific needs - perhaps for hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, or health care.
  • Horizontal: Others still will focus on a particular industry-agnostic functional area – perhaps HR, payroll, AP automation, workflow, or project management.

Orchid Systems has taken a road less travelled

We’ve left the niche and vertical categories to others, but haven’t satisfied ourselves with a specific horizontal offering.

Instead, we’ve developed a broad portfolio of Sage add-ons, which between them support common, yet highly diverse, business needs.

It has taken 30 years of dedication to get to where we are today, but the result may well have made Orchid Systems unique within the Sage ISV community.

Both Orchid and the 450+ Sage Business Partners who sell and support our products have been able to reap the benefits of our approach, which I’ve distilled down to these two words:

  • Depth: Because once a Sage user discovers the value of one Orchid module to their business, they seldom stop there.

On average, each Sage site using one Orchid module also uses at least one more, and often many more.

  • Breadth: Because it’s hard to predict where and when the next pandemic or GFC will hit, or who the winners and losers will be.

Catering to a broad range of industries and businesses has allowed us and our partners to ride out these storms, with continued strong sales.

Two Months in the life of Orchid Sales

Rather than asking you to take our word for the depth and breadth of Orchid’s reach, we’ve analyzed just a couple of months of Orchid sales.

The range of industries and businesses represented even surprised us. Here’s a selective summary:

By Industry:

  • Agriculture: From bulk grain handling to hydroponics
  • Distribution: From mining equipment to pet accessories
  • Government & Administration: From the Caribbean to Cree First Nations
  • Manufacturing: From sunglasses to scaffolding, skylights to switchgear
  • Non-Profit: From children’s charities to seniors’ care homes
  • Retail: From convenience stores to high-end furniture
  • Services: From infrastructure financing to landscaping
  • Sport & Recreation: From golf resorts to water sports

By Orchid Product Category:

  • Collaboration: From petroleum transport to natural foods
  • Streamlining Financial Processes: From resort development to refuse disposal
  • Operations & Inventory Management: From radio equipment to luxury fashion
  • Tailoring, Automation & Integration: From power plant management to dry eye diagnostics
  • Budgeting, Reporting & BI: From flooring materials to special needs services

If any of our partners are pondering which of their clients might benefit from Orchid's Sage add-ons, the lists above could give them food for thought.


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