Announcing Orchid's 2023 North American Award Winners

Tue, 18 Apr 2023

As TPAC wraps up for 2023 we congratulate this year's Orchid award winners.

Last year we were lamenting a 30-month break between TPAC events, thanks to COVID. Since then, Doug Ash and his team have made up for lost time, with three successful events in quick succession. TPAC 2023 has just wrapped up in Toronto, only five weeks after the inaugural TPAC Southern Africa, and just seven months after the postponed TPAC 2022 in Vancouver.

This event was also significant for marking the 20th Anniversary of the first-ever TPAC in 2003. Orchid is proud to have been a sponsor and attendee at every TPAC.

The Orchid tradition of presenting our annual North American Business Partner awards at TPAC continues.

For the 5th year running, the 'trophies' consisted of framed panoramas by former Accpac trainer Jim Guthrie. We like to give first-time winners Jim's image of Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunrise, taken just down the hill from Orchid's North Sydney office. For repeat winners, we choose something else from Jim's portfolio.

While we only hand out two awards, Orchid takes this opportunity to thank all our other business partners for their continued support.

And the 2023 winners are…


It was a pleasure to announce BAASS Business Solutions as the winner of this award, once again. It recognizes the highest annual sales of Orchid products in the previous calendar year. 

2023-04 BAASS Award
The team from BAASS receives their award from Steve and Anne.


We also like to recognize another partner who has made a significant contribution to our success over the past year. Advanced Applications has embedded multiple Orchid modules into many Sage 300 sites, creating a win-win-win for themselves, their clients, and Orchid Systems.

Scott McMillan of Advanced Applications
Scott McMillan of Advanced Applications receives their award from Steve and Anne.


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