How Jim Guthrie followed his passion to transition from Accpac trainer to photographer at large.

Jim Guthrie Photo

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Following the dream…the Jim Guthrie story
Jim Guthrie Photo

Jim Guthrie is a name well known within the Sage community. From 1985 to 2009 Jim worked for Computer Associates, then Sage, principally as a trainer. He was a familiar face at conferences around North America, and further afield. It’s likely that many of Orchid’s business partners had their first formal introduction to Accpac / Sage 300 at one of Jim’s training sessions.

Jim was committed to the job at hand, but throughout that career he had another passion on the side: photography, and landscape photography in particular. It might be closer to the mark to say that Jim’s love was the great outdoors. The travel associated with his work gave him wonderful opportunities to explore new regions, and photography was the medium he chose to express his passion.

Jim started taking photographs seriously in 1978 and selling them in 1987. A favourite memory from that period is a meeting with the legendary American landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

In 1993 Jim chose to specialize in large format, high definition panoramic landscapes, using his beloved Linhoff Technorama Panoramic camera. In 2009 he retired from the computer industry, allowing himself to dedicate himself full time to travel and photography.

A selection of Jim’s images, three of which are featured in this article, are available to browse or purchase on his website,  

The Orchid Connection
Jim Guthrie photo

Several members of the Orchid team share Jim’s love of photography, and have taken an interest in his work. This year we decided to do something a little bit different with our annual North American Business Partner awards. At TPAC 2019 in Niagara Falls we’ll be presenting framed prints of a Jim Guthrie panoramic landscape image in place of our usual Perspex ‘blunt objects’.

The image we chose is the one above, of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taken at sunrise from Milsons Point. Jim was based at Milsons Point for six months, and it also happens to be a virtual stone’s throw from the Orchid Systems office in North Sydney.

We’re hoping this might become a tradition, with this or other Jim Guthrie photos presented to deserving partners in future years.

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