Extender Marketplace

Introducing the Extender Marketplace

Thu, 08 Jul 2021

We’re excited to announce Orchid’s latest initiative - Extender Marketplace. A one-stop-shop for Sage 300 customizations.

What is it?

The Extender Marketplace is a showcase for Extender Apps. These are Sage 300 customizations by a range of experienced Python developers, all designed and built for use with the Orchid Extender customization platform.

    Why use it?

    • Why re-invent the wheel? A customization that meets your needs may have already been developed for other Sage 300 users. If so, the Marketplace can help you find it.
    • Peace of Mind: Like all Extender-based configurations and customizations, the Apps are securely stored in the Sage 300 database, and don’t require recompilation each time you upgrade Sage 300.
    • Research & Inspiration: Even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, the Marketplace is a great place to find out more about how others have been using Extender to customize Sage 300. This might provide inspiration for kicking off your own customization.

    How to use it

    • Browse the Marketplace, making use of the filters and search capability to narrow down the App listings.
    • Click through for more detail, including links through to the developer’s website for more information (where available).
    • Contact your Sage Solution Provider if you've found an App you are interested in.

    Extender Apps are purchased from the Developer, through your Sage Solution Provider, rather than directly from the Marketplace. Your Solution Provider can liaise with the Developer to confirm that the App meets your specific requirements, provide pricing details, and quote for any site-specific tailoring that might be needed.

    App Types - Packaged or Tailored?

    • Packaged Apps provide useful functionality ‘out of the box’, without any further coding. (Depending on the App, some configuration may be required.)
    • Tailored Apps require site-specific changes to the Python code, rather than just configuration. The developer can assist with this.

    Are you looking for something else?

    You can think of Extender Apps as building blocks. Even if you can't find exactly what you need, there may well be one that provides a great foundation.

    If you have a business requirement you think could be met with an Extender App, but you can't see it listed on the Marketplace, talk to your Sage Solution Provider. They can help you to document your requirements and identify a suitable developer. They may even be able to develop a new App themselves.

    Are you an Extender Developer?

    If you are an experienced Sage 300 customizer who is interested in listing your own Apps on the Extender Marketplace, we’d love you to contact us.

    Watch the Extender Marketplace Launch Video

    If you missed the Orchid Webinar where we launched the Extender Marketplace, you can watch the video by clicking the image below.

    As well as an overview of the Marketplace and a closing Q&A session, you’ll hear from some of the developers themselves as they give quick demos of a few selected Apps. Together these give a taste of what’s available on the Marketplace.

    Extender Marketplace Video


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