Extender - Configurator (Demo)

Product Demos
Tailoring, Automation & Integration

Anne demonstrates what you can do with Extender (Configurator Edition) without having to write a single line of code.

00:00 Overview
02:09 Configure Alerts & Logging for Sage300 Core Views
04:35 E.g. Configure Notes & Email when an RMA is inserted
06:42 Run a program when an event occurs
07:58 Configuring Workflows
13:28 E.g. Approval of new GL Accounts
14:02 E.g. Customer Credit Limit approvals
17:30 E.g. Acknowledgement of records amended
18:29 E.g. Workflow for OE transactions
21:30 E.g. Manually start a Workflow
23:36 Summary
25:22 Overview of Sage 300 & Extender architecture