Fri, 30 Jun 2023

Orchid Systems is excited to launch our new website.

While best known for our extensive portfolio of Sage add-ons, as featured on the Orchid.Systems site, we thought our powerful, affordable, versatile Info-Explorer BI tool deserved a wider audience.

While most Info-Explorer customers use it to analyze their Sage 300 data, and often to make use of its integrated budgeting capability for Sage 300, they may not be aware that it can be used to perform BI functions on data from any SQL & ODBC database.

To make it easier for us to serve the full range of our current and prospective Info-Explorer customers, we recently launched a new website: 

What's staying the same?

  • Just about everything. The product itself hasn't changed, and you'll still be able to find sample Sage 300 cubes and other resources on the Orchid.Systems website, as you do today.

What's changing?

  • Not much, really! But you might start noticing references and links to when we are talking specifically about Info-Explorer.
  • We'll also start publishing a wider variety of Sample Cubes on the new Info-Explorer site that are  designed for use with systems other than Sage 300.


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