“Unstoppable” Python overtakes Java

Tue, 17 Nov 2020

The latest TIOBE Index marks yet another milestone in the inexorable rise of Python.

Several times over the past few years we’ve reported on the ever-increasing popularity of Python, the scripting language used by Orchid Extender. You may remember these news articles:

November 2020 marks yet another milestone, with the authoritative TIOBE Index reporting that, for the first time since launching their service nearly 20 years ago, Java and C no longer make up the top 2 positions. Their November Headline - Python is unstoppable and surpasses Java.

To quote their reason for Python’s growing popularity:

…we need something simple that can be handled by non-software engineers, something easy to learn with fast edit cycles and smooth deployment. Python meets all these needs.

TIOBE’s CEO, Paul Jansen, also shares an anecdote about a meeting with a road patrol mechanic. He casually mentioned that his job involved software. The mechanic responded by talking enthusiastically about his passion for programming in Python:

From that moment on, I knew Python would become ubiquitous.

TIOBE's view was corroborated by other recent publications, e.g.: 

  • RedMonk's June 2020 ranking noted that Python had assumed sole control of their number two spot for the first time, also overtaking Java
  • IEEE Spectrum's 2020 rankings reconfirmed Python as their most popular programming language, as reported by ZDNet.

Why Extender & Python?

Our 2019 “Year of the Snake” article included Steve's thoughts on why Sage 300 sites should be using Extender scripts written in Python for Sage 300 customizations, as opposed to in-house development in other coding languages. They remain just valid today:

Why Python?

  • The fastest growing major programming language
  • The top tool for application development
  • The language most developers want to learn
  • Taught extensively in schools and universities
  • Extensive online resources to get up to speed
  • Open Source, and has thousands of free libraries
  • Python focuses on readability

Why Extender + Python?

  • Code is held in the Sage 300 database, so nothing goes missing (e.g. it dumps and loads)
  • You can protect your code by making it read-only or hidden (Extender v2019 PU6)
  • You can use Python to subclass and create new Views. Without this you need a C++ and Sage 300 SDK expert.
  • VBA now has issues running unattended on newer versions of Microsoft Operating Systems. This is not the case with Python.
  • Customising Sage 300 screens the traditional way requires a recompile for every product update and new version. This is not the case with Extender’s Python screen scripts.


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