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This month we feature two "Extended Notes" Apps that have a lot in common, and can also work well together:


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  • 20-Oct: Rejuvenate 2022 (See below)
  • 25-Oct: Orchid Webinar - Topic to be advised
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Register now for Rejuvenate 2022!

Robert Lavery & Associates will be hosting this immersive, full-day, virtual event on Thursday 20-October.

All attendees, both Business Partners and their Customers, must pre-register.
Videos you might have missed:

What's New at Orchid Systems?

This week's Webinar reviewed the many enhancements to Orchid modules over the past year or so. We cover:
  • Partner Portal, Installation changes, Online Help
  • A Module-by-module change summary
  • A sneak preview of Orchid's EFT Processing for Sage Intacct
Articles you might have missed:

Announcing Orchid's 2022 North American Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's winners, ADSS Global and Genatec, and thanks to all our partners for continuing to support Orchid's products!

Going Global with Orchid in…Eswatini

Orchid's Sage add-on software has taken root in many corners of the world, including the Kingdom of Eswatini.

The end of an Epoch?

We’ll leave the formal obituaries to more appropriate journals, but it’s hard to let the death of Queen Elizabeth II go unremarked.
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