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2023 to 2024
Anatomy of a Version Update
Thu, 14 Sep 2023
Releasing a new version of Orchid's modules requires a team effort. Find out a little about what's involved as we prepare for Sage 300 v2024.
AI Business Person
Is ChatGPT coming for your Accountancy job?
Mon, 29 May 2023
A team of academics recently tried to answer that question. We asked for a second opinion.
Kicking Up
Sage 300 just keeps kicking on and up
Wed, 17 May 2023
One of the key takeaways from this year's busy conference season is that you can't keep a good product down.
The humble barcode has just turned 50!
Thu, 27 Apr 2023
We take a ‘This is Your Life’ look at the barcode as it celebrates its half-century.
Announcing Orchid's 2023 North American Award Winners
Tue, 18 Apr 2023
As TPAC wraps up for 2023 we congratulate this year's Orchid award winners.
Gordon Moore, of Moore’s Law lore, is no more
Thu, 13 Apr 2023
Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, died last month at the age of 94, but his legacy lives on.
Casting a Net
Orchid casts its net far and wide
Tue, 28 Mar 2023
The variety of businesses represented in Orchid’s recent sales reflects the breadth of our product offerings.