Increase productivity and accuracy when processing complex but routine transactions.

These Orchid modules can help your business as it grows and grapples with ever more complicated organizational structures and trading environments.


EFT Processing

Do you need to send payments electronically to vendors or employees, collect receipts from your customers via direct debit, or send positive pay files to your bank?

  • How confident are you that all your cash movements are secure, and would stand up to an audit?
  • Would you like to cut costs and improve efficiency through increased automation, enhance auditability, and reduce exposure to fraud by moving away from paper cheques or streamlining positive pay file processing?

Inter Entity Transactions

Do you allocate expenses and/or revenue across multiple funds or companies, balance inter-company loan accounts, or process cash between companies?

  • Are you wasting hours or days each month manually reconciling those accounts and creating balancing transactions?
  • What if you could keep those entities in balance at all times, with offsetting entries being automatically generated in each company based on highly configurable rules, and with an extensive audit trail?

Inter Entity Trade

Do you manage multiple entities that trade goods or services with each other?

  • Are you at risk of being overwhelmed by the volume of inter entity transactions that flow from ever more complex trading environments and organizational structures?
  • How much time would you save if reciprocal documents could be automatically generated, removing the need for duplicate entries to be manually created and checked, while also improving accuracy and auditability?