Report Runner Tips & Tricks - Webinar

Budgeting, Reporting & BI

Our April 2023 Webinar demonstrated a range of tips to help you make the most of Orchid's Report Runner for Sage 300. Use it to streamline the setup, execution, and distribution of Crystal Reports or GL Financial Reports.

00:00 Intro & Overview
02:50 New Features
03:57 Tips for Financial Report Runner (FRR)
05:00 FRR Setup examples
20:54 FRR Refresh with Process Scheduler
27:01 FRR Common support questions
32:09 Tips for Crystal Report Runner (CRR)
34:28 CRR Setup examples
44:00 CRR Refresh with Process Scheduler
47:40 CRR Common support questions
51:57 Review & closing remarks