PO Approvals using Extender Workflow - Webinar

Extender Scripts & Workflows
Tailoring, Automation & Integration

After an introduction (using Extender across your business) we demonstrate a PO Approval scenario using Extender Workflow and Remote Action, plus a PO Requisition Approval workflow, with automatic conversion from Requisition to PO. Nathalie also gives a short tour of our recently updated website.

00:00 Introduction & Benefits
02:39 Scenario 1 (PO Approval)
18:27 Review of Scenario 1
22:24 Scenario 2 (PO Requisition)
40:27 Review of Scenario 2
44:53 Remote Action Service review
47:37 The new Orchid Systems website
56:43 Q&A Session
1:03:46 More Info & closing remarks