Inter-Entity Txns - Training (Loan Accounts - Multi Database, Optional Fields)

Product Training
Streamlining Financial Processes

Detailed training on how to set up and use Inter-Entity Transactions to automate the generation of balancing loan account entries in Sage 300. The example in this video is for the Multi-Database edition, with entities selected by Optional Field.

00:00 Introduction & Overview
06:37 Install & Activate Inter-Entity (IET)
07:55 Configure IET for Multi-Database & Optional Fields
09:39 Entity Optional Field Setup
10:40 Configure IET Options
16:51 Configure IET Routes
19:00 Define Entity Database mappings
21:18 Configure Entity Substitution Trigger Accounts
23:16 Allocate AP Invoice using Optional Fields for Entity
26:48 IET
Errors & Re-Processing
28:29 Configure Linked Accounts / Account Balance Inquiry
29:13 Generate IET Entries
30:38 Review & Closing Remarks