Inter-Entity Transactions - Training (Cash Management)

Product Training
Streamlining Financial Processes

Anne conducts detailed training on how to set up and use the Cash Management features of Inter-Entity Transactions.

00:00 Introduction & Overview
05:09 Install & Activate Inter-Entity (IET)
06:30 Configure IET for Cash Management (CM)
09:13 Setup Clearing Bank accounts for target banks
10:19 Bank Transfers between companies
12:01 CM 1-Step Processing (AR Receipts)
18:20 CM 2-Step Processing (AP Payments)
23:55 CM AR Receipt Selection Codes
25:36 IET CM Errors & Re-Processing
27:18 AP/AR Mapping for CM 2-Step processing
28:05 Consolidated AR/AP Trial Balance
29:24 Review & Closing Remarks