Inter-Entity Trade - Training (OE-PO)

Product Training
Streamlining Financial Processes

Anne conducts detailed training on how to set up and use Orchid's Inter-Entity Trade add-on for Sage 300 to facilitate OE-PO Trades.

00:00 Introduction & Overview
04:03 Install & Activate Inter-Entity
06:35 Example 1: PO-OE mirrored txn using A/C to A/C Mapping
07:27 Setup for PO-OE transaction example
11:36 Creating the PO transaction
21:19 Example 2: OE-PO txn using Ship Via to A/C Mappings
22:42 Setup for OE-PO transaction example
24:52 Creating the SO transaction
28:18 Using the Audit Inquiry
30:48 Inter-Entity Trade errors
32:10 Summary