Extender - Workflow 101 (Training)

Product Training
Extender Scripts & Workflows
Tailoring, Automation & Integration

Learn how to configure a Workflow for Sage 300 using Orchid Extender (Configurator Edition)

00:00 Overview of Extender Workflow
03:44 Example: Start Workflow when GL a/c created
04:25 Creating the Workflow Template
12:17 Adding Actions to the Workflow
12:42 Extender Email Setup
13:12 Create Workflow Email message template
14:24 Create Workflow User Groups
15:04 Setup workflow colour for Console
15:31 Add Email, Message and Colour actions to template
20:05 Add Icons to Sage300 to view the workflow history
22:18 Add a Condition to your Workflow
25:08 Add Steps to Workflow
31:39 How to View Workflow Logs
35:04 Use Workflow to update Sage 300 fields
40:06 User input on Workflow Console
44:47 Review & Summary