Extender - Developer (Demo)

Product Demos
Tailoring, Automation & Integration

Anne demonstrates how the Developer edition of Orchid Extender can use Python scripts to build custom screens, tables, workflow actions, and other bespoke Sage 300 customizations.

00:00 Overview
04:35 Validation of Sage300 business logic (AR Customers)
07:56 Conditional Alerting
09:49 Automating Business Processes
12:30 UI - Add buttons to screens for custom functionality
14:05 UI - Adding fields to screens
14:56 UI - Hide/Re-label existing fields on screens
16:20 UI - Create a new screen for your applications
17:47 Workflow: Create your own Custom Actions
19:48 E.g. Workflow Action using Microsoft Teams
21:15 Create your own Sage300 views
24:03 Store configuration parameters
26:35 Time-based Alerts using Process Scheduler
28:29 Extended Notes (Extender + Orchid Notes)
30:22 Orchid User licencing (for Workflow Console & Icons)
30:38 Overview of Sage 300 & Extender architecture
33:22 Benefits of using Extender / Python