EFT Processing (AP/AR) - Demo Webinar

Product Demos
Streamlining Financial Processes

Anne gives a detailed demonstration of Orchid's EFT Processing add-on module for Sage 300 (AP/AR), including some less commonly used features and best practice tips.

00:00 Introduction to Orchid’s Modules
01:45 EFT Processing Overview
04:11 Demo – Create EFT File/Remittance Advice
06:59 Feature Options - Creating an EFT file
09:00 Feature Options - Printing EFT Remittance Advices
11:09 EFT Setup - EFT Vendors
15:31 EFT Setup - EFT Banks
17:47 EFT Setup – Bank Formats (Formats.ini)
19:46 Custom Bank Formats (Userformats.ini)
22:32 Direct Debits for EFT Processing / Create Receipt Batch
25:58 Update AR Invoice Due Dates
27:10 Summary
32:30 Q&A