Dimensional Accounting with Sage 300 - Webinar

Budgeting, Reporting & BI

In our March 2022 Webinar, we show how you can achieve a highly granular view of your finances, while keeping your Chart of Accounts simple, by applying Dimensional Accounting principles to Sage 300.

00:00 Introduction
05:02 The 8 Easy Steps to Dimensional Accounting
12:40 GL Accounts & Dimension Optional Fields
14:11 Extender Custom Table for extra information
15:33 Data Views to flatten Optional Fields
18:24 Extender scripts for dimension data validation
20:34 Info-Explorer for multi-dimensional analysis
24:17 Review and start Q&A session
25:44 Working with the GL Financial Reporter
29:30 Q&A Continues
31:18 Using Extender screen customizations
39:50 Q&A Continues
47:51 Optional Tables vs Extender Tables
52:09 Orchid Licensing, and closing remarks