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Below are some of the events that Orchid has hosted, attended or promoted recently. Return to the upcoming events page to see what else we have planned.

Webinar - RMA
Webinar: Making the most of RMA

We'll show how to get up and running with Orchid's Return Material Authorizations (RMA) add-on for Sage 300, then share some suggestions for getting maximum value from it.

Date: Tuesday 17-May-2022
Duration: 1 hour

Webinar - Tips & Tricks for Notes and DML
Webinar: Tips & Tricks for Orchid Notes and DML

Get the most out of Orchid Notes and Document Management Link (DML) by learning how to use some of their lesser-known features.

Date: Tuesday 12-Apr-2022
Duration: 1 hour

Webinar - Dimensional Accounting
Webinar: Dimensional Accounting with Sage 300

Achieve a highly granular view of your finances, while keeping your Chart of Accounts simple, by applying Dimensional Accounting principles to Sage 300.

Date: Tuesday 22-Mar-2022
Duration: 1 hour

Bin Tracking Webinar
Webinar: Getting Started with Bin Tracking

Learn how easy it is to track items accurately across multiple bins within a Sage 300 IC location using Orchid Bin Tracking.

Date: Tuesday 15-Feb-2022
Duration: 1 hour

Webinar - AP Automation
Webinar: A/P Automation with Orchid

Learn how Orchid modules can help streamline Sage 300 Accounts Payable processes, from PO Requisition entry through to AP Invoice payment.

Date: Tuesday 18-Jan-2022
Duration: 1 hour

EFT Webinar
Webinar: What's new in EFT Processing

Find out what has changed with Orchid EFT Processing in recent months, and get tips on how to make the best use of some features you may not be familiar with.

Date: Tuesday 14-Dec-2021
Duration: 1 hour


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