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Has any topic in our lifetime had such an impact on so many, and so dominated the news cycle, as the COVID-19 pandemic?

For many of us lucky enough to still have a job, one of the biggest changes has been the sudden shift to working solely from home.

  • Check out our recent Orchid Goes Remote news article. It's a case study of our own business, but might also be relevant to you.
  • Our new Remote Working Solution Page is a good place to start if you are looking for products that can help your Sage 300 clients in this brave new world.

Remote Working

  • If you missed our recent "Going Remote" webinar, you can now watch the Smarter Remote Working video.
  • Are you planning a Remote Working campaign for your client base? We're working on a Marketing Resource Kit that might help. We'll send a separate email about this in the coming days.
The following are still in testing but you can expect to see them in the not too distant future:
  • Inter-Entity (Cash Management): Ability to process bank reversals.
  • Extender: Improvements to the Workflow console; Ability to use CTRL-F to filter grid screens.
  • EFT Processing: Our first Web Screens! (Plus various minor enhancements.)
I just deployed an Extender script for a client and am loving how it works. Looks like Extender is going to be an integral part of every non-trivial implementation after this!

Orchid Events Plus

Thanks to COVID-19 we won't be travelling until further notice, but that doesn't mean we can't stay in touch!

Webinar Wednesday: 
  • 20-May: Our next webinar will be related to Extender Workflow, but we aren't quite ready to tell you more. Keep an eye out for the invitation email in the next week or two.
See our Events page for details and registration. Follow our Twitter account for event announcements & updates.

News Articles you Might have Missed: 
  • Orchid Goes RemoteA case study of how one business - ours - has rapidly made the transition from office-based to fully remote working as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • Orchid's position regarding COVID-19: Our statement on business continuity (issued mid-March, just prior to the Australian shutdown).
Recently Published Videos: 
  • Our Smarter Remote Working video was created for last week's 'Going Remote' Webinar.
  • Our 'hot off the press' Extender Configurator (Demo) video gives a great introduction to all the things you can do with Extender without having to write a single line of code.

Smarter Remote Working

Extender Configurator (Demo)

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