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Upcoming Events: 
  • 19-Jul & 16-Aug: Orchid Webinars - Topics to be advised
  • 9-11 Sep: TPAC Pre-Conference Training (see below)
  • 11-13 Sep: TPAC 2022 (Vancouver)
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TPAC Pre-Conference Training

Orchid will be celebrating our return to TPAC with these three events, which are now open for registrations:
  • 9-Sep: Developer Training - customizing Sage 300 with Extender Developer, using Python. (Also open to Online participants.)
  • 10-Sep: Consultant Training - advanced consulting tips & tricks for Orchid’s Sage 300 add-ons.
  • 11-Sep: Sales Training - a free 1/2 day event on selling and supporting Orchid's Sage 300 add-ons.

This App enables the use of Long I/C Vendor Item Descriptions

  • Adds a new column to the Vendor Item Details screen grid
  • Accepts descriptions of up to 180 characters, stored in a custom table
  • They are automatically added to PO line optional fields so they can be included in reports, or in orders to vendors.
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