Xtended Landed Costing

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Why Use Xtended Landed Costing?

  • Many companies cannot accurately track their Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) because of additional expenses that may be incurred after products have been received and potentially sold.
  • Without accurate information about COGS, they may be selling products at a loss without realizing it, or overcharging customers without knowing it.
  • Xtended Landed Costing solves this by providing tools to manage additional costs prior to the receiving process. It is available in two levels:

Level 1 - Landed Cost Purchase Order

  • Insert PO Additional Costs within the Sage 300 PO screen.
  • These costs will be automatically inserted in the PO Receipt related to the PO, with default proration as set in the Options screen.
  • Costs are automatically applied when using integrated 3rd Party modules that generate PO Receipts.
  • This removes the timing issues related to additional cost invoices that are only captured after the initial receipt of inventory.

Level 2 - Landed Cost Container Management

  • Includes all Level 1 features, plus the option to flag POs as Freight Related.
  • New Container & Bill of Lading screens to create and track related details.
  • New Freight Jobs screen to manage vessels with related containers and bill of ladings.
  • New I/C Item CBM field (transport calculated measurement of volume) to define item packaged volume for container building and cost allocation.
  • Upon PO Receipt, additional costs from POs, Containers, and Bill of Ladings will automatically be spread to related PO lines, based on item CBM, to allow for automated Manual Proration of container and bill of lading costs.

See it in action

This app was introduced and demonstrated in Orchid’s February 2023 webinar. Click the image below to watch the video of that webinar.

Xtended Landed Costing webinar video

Special Requirements

Compatible with Sage 300 v2022 or higher.
Requires Sage 300 Purchase Order and Inventory Control modules

App Type



Provides useful functionality ‘out of the box’. (May require configuration, but not coding.)

Purchase Order

Genatec Inc.

Genatec, based in Canada, have many years of experience providing Sage 300 consulting services, and tailoring Sage 300 using Orchid Extender.  They were the proud recipients of Orchid's 2022 Partner Excellence Award.

How to buy

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