Smart I/C Quarantine Transfers

Inventory Control

Quarantine status and dates transfer with the lot, rather than being reset to default, when a lot is transferred from one location to another.


  • Quarantine status, including on/off quarantine and time remaining, transfers with the lot.
  • Applies to both transfers and adjustments.

Why use it?

When lots are transferred between locations, their quarantine dates are usually reset to the default for the item at the new location. This is not desirable in cases where the quarantine period is independent of the location in which it is stored, and the item may be transferred or adjusted during the quarantine period.

In such cases, the quarantine status, including whether in quarantine or not and if so how many days are remaining, must be manually maintained for every transfer or adjustment. Failure to properly manage the dates may result in quarantines that are too short or too long. This App is designed to overcome that problem.

How does it work?

  • The App attaches to the I/C Transfer and Adjustment views.
  • When new transfers or adjustments are created, it checks the quarantine status of the lot at the source, and applies this status to the lot at the destination.
App Type



Requires site-specific customization (Python coding) before use. Request a quote for assistance.

Inventory Control

Orchid Systems

Orchid Systems, a Sage Tech Partner, has been part of the Sage community for over 25 years. Extender is just one of our innovative add-on modules designed to enhance the functionality of Sage 300.

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