O/E Order Entry - Sundry Validations & Automations

Order Entry

This App can be tailored on request to meet customer-specific requirements for Order Entry validations and automation.

Examples include:

Item Category Overwrite/Override 

  • Item Category value is set upon posting, based on the value in a Customer master record Optional Field.
  • E.g. you might want sales of the same item to be recorded against different GL accounts based on customer category (Government, Non-Profit, Corporate etc.)

Order Margin Validation

  • Validate that margin (extended sales vs extended cost) exceeds a predefined margin when entering an O/E Order line.
  • If criteria are not met, provide a warning, or prevent the order from being posted,

See it in action:

Watch the video below, which features demonstrations of: 

  • Low Sales Margin validation and warning during O/E Order Entry
  • Posting notifications of new O/E orders in Microsoft Teams
  • Document Management Link (DML) being used with SharePoint on O/E screens
  • Creating and emailing an O/E Invoice PDF at the click of a button, with the filed stored for access via DML

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Requires site-specific customization (Python coding) before use. Request a quote for assistance.

Order Entry

Orchid Systems

Orchid Systems, a Sage Tech Partner, has been part of the Sage community for over 25 years. Extender is just one of our innovative add-on modules designed to enhance the functionality of Sage 300.

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  • These apps were built by the developers named under the app descriptions, and the associated intellectual property vests with them.
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  • Everyone’s requirements and environments differ, so be sure to thoroughly test any apps you acquire before loading them in your live environment.
  • These apps are designed to work in conjunction with Orchid Extender (Developer Edition), which in turn requires Sage 300 to be installed.
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