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Obtain legally binding digital customer signatures on your quotes, using Adobe Sign, before promoting the quotes to orders.

How it works

Extender Workflow is used to manage the following process:

  • The Quote to Order process commences when a quote is entered into Sage 300 O/E
  • Extender Workflow creates an agreement in Adobe Sign, including the quote PDF
  • The customer is notified by email that their signature is required, and approves the quote using Adobe Sign
  • Remote Action Service retrieves the signed agreement, and automatically converts the quote to an O/E order in Sage 300 

See it in action

You can see this process in action in the video below (commencing at 09:46 minutes).

Webinar Video

Special Requirements

Adobe Sign and Remote Action Service are both required for this customization to work.

App Type



Provides useful functionality ‘out of the box’. (May require configuration, but not coding.)



Makes use of the Workflow capability that comes included with Orchid Extender.

Order Entry

Robert Lavery & Associates

Robert Lavery and Associates have decades of experience in supporting Sage 300 partners and users, as well as being the distributors of Orchid's Sage Add-ons in the Americas.

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