I love Info-Explorer, and use it every day!

The Company

For over twenty years, Paramed Specialties has specialized in the distribution of medical foods and other disorder-specific products in Canada.

The Challenge

Paramed Specialities Inc. are long-term users of Sage 300, and find it to be a very functional system, but the core product lacks some of the reporting and analysis capabilities they regard as critical to their business.

In particular, it didn’t allow them to easily report on the consumption patterns of patients, which was becoming indispensable when it came to allowing health professionals to monitor patient progress.

The Solution

Paramed’s Sage Solution Provider recommended Info-Explorer, an affordable Business Intelligence tool from Orchid Systems.

The Result

They found Info-Explorer to be intuitive, versatile, and powerful. As well as rising to the challenge described above, its ability to manipulate information quickly and comprehensively soon saved them hours of work when performing financial and costing analyses.

Roman Bhattacharya, Vice President of Paramed Specialties Inc., has become a real fan of Info-Explorer, which he says helps him to manage his company more efficiently:

“We started using Info-Explorer as a trial and it ended up being our most useful business tool. Even after 10 years of using it, I still find new and better ways to view my Sage data.”

"Even after 10 years of using Info-Explorer, I still find new and better ways to view my Sage data."

Roman Bhattacharya
Vice President
Paramed Specialties Inc.


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