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Orchid Stats

Orchid by the Numbers

As we pass the halfway mark of our 26th year, we’ve crunched a few numbers. These 13 bullet points say a lot about Orchid Systems: Who we are, what we do, where we do it, and how we do it.
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Introducing Extender Workflow

We're excited to announce the initial release of Extender Workflow for Sage 300. Our most versatile module has just gained a whole new dimension.
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2 DB, or not 2 DB? That is the Question!

Should you use one Sage 300 database or more when managing multiple companies or entities? Steve introduces the case for and against.

Remembering D-Day

As the 75th-anniversary commemorations wind down, David & Anne from Orchid look back at our own recent visit to the D-Day sites.
Chinese Snake

The Year of the Snake: Python adds fangs to Extender

As Python continues its rise up the language league tables the reasons for using Orchid Extender have become even more compelling.

TPAC Wrap, and Orchid Award Winners

As TPAC 2019 draws to a close we take a quick look back, and congratulate our North American award winners.