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“There Was NO Collaboration!!!”

That might be music to your ears if you run a fiefdom, but if you are endeavoring to run an open, progressive, productive organization it should sound like an accusation, not a boast. Orchid is in the business of producing software that supports collaboration.
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Sage retires EFT Direct, recommends Orchid EFT Processing

Sage North America has announced it will soon end support of its EFT Direct AR/AP product for Sage 300. They are recommending Orchid's EFT Processing module to Sage 300 customers looking for an Electronic Funds Processing solution.
Bespoke Tailoring

From off-the-rack to bespoke: Tailoring your ERP system

Off the rack business software may claim to be ‘one size fits all’, but it takes a good tailor to make it fit like a glove. The best tailors need the finest tools, and this is where Orchid’s Sage 300 add-on modules rise to the occasion.
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Awards Season! And the winners were...

The Hollywood stars weren't the only ones walking the red carpet in the first quarter. Orchid acknowledged a couple of stellar performers from a crowded field of business partners...and we also welcomed the latest addition to our own trophy cabinet.
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Orchid Extender powers DIMO Maint's new Sage 300 Connector

DIMO Software partnered with Orchid Systems to connect their leading CMMS solution to Sage 300. The connector was built using Orchid's Extender module. 
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And the winner of “Most Prolific Video Production Team” is…

We may have missed out on the Oscar nominations, but Orchid’s production team have had a busy year, with 30 odd new videos. Sit back, get comfortable, and hit the play button…