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Exception Pencils

Managing By Exception, and the role Orchid products can play

Management by Exception can help you spend your time more efficiently. Orchid provides tools that help turn the theory into practice.

Info-Explorer Lite lets you demo on real data

When it comes to evaluating business software, and BI software in particular, there's nothing quite like seeing it in action on your own live data. Info-Explorer makes this possible with our free Lite edition.

Anatomy of a Version Update

With Sage 300 v2018 now available, we've started releasing the v2018 versions of Orchid's modules. Find out a little about what that involves.
Update Available

Have you installed our latest Product Updates?

We regularly release updates to improve performance, add new features, or fix defects. Checking for updates should always be the first step when troubleshooting.

Python's rapid growth gives a boost to Orchid Extender

Recent research vindicates Orchid’s decision to use Python as the scripting language for Extender, making the case that it is now the world's fastest growing major programming language.
Alert Image

Logging and Alerts in EFT Processing

Orchid’s EFT Processing module provides for logging and reporting of bank account details ‘out of the box’, but when you combine it with Orchid Extender it can easily be taken to another level.