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Orchid Videos Now Showing

And the winner of “Most Prolific Video Production Team” is…

We may have missed out on the Oscar nominations, but Orchid’s production team have had a busy year, with 30 odd new videos. Sit back, get comfortable, and hit the play button…

One Trade War that’s easy to win

President Trump raised many eyebrows by declaring that trade wars are good. When he said they were easy to win, he may have been onto something.
Earth Horizon

Scanning the Security Horizon

Security priorities will vary from business to business, but there are common themes. We also look at a few epic security failures, and list ways that Orchid products can contribute to your security regime.
Tennis image

Many Happy Returns!

As we celebrate Roger Federer’s successful defence of his Australian Open tennis title, it's timely to remember that when focusing on your service you shouldn't lose sight of how you handle your returns!
Breaking News

Announcing EFT Processing for Payroll

By popular demand, Orchid's EFT Processing module now supports Sage 300 US & Canadian Payroll
Satisfied Customer

Keep the Customer Satisfied

“Just trying to keep my customers satisfied” was an admirable goal back in 1970, but the world has moved on. We now need to create Raving Fans and Promoters if we are to survive and thrive in a more competitive marketplace. Here are some insights into what drives customer satisfaction, and where to start if you want to stand out from the pack.