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Orchid Partner News - November 2019

This month's special feature looks at how global and local uncertainties are impacting approaches to budgeting & forecasting, and how Orchid products can help.
Orchid Partner News

Orchid Partner News - October 2019

This month we provide a wrap-up of our v2020 product release. We also show how making good use of Orchid's products might just help you get to bed earlier and sleep better!
Orchid Partner News

Orchid Partner News - September 2019

This month we present our new "Orchid in Action" showcase video and confirm the availability of most v2020 modules. We also discuss some of the pitfalls of spreadsheets...and how Info-Explorer can help.
Partner News

Orchid Partner News - August 2019

This month we discuss how Sage 300 can now be regarded as a leading-edge platform for customization. We also provide an update on the v2020 product release.
Orchid Partner News

Orchid Partner News - July 2019

This month we give an overview of functionality exclusively available to Orchid Users, and announce new Extender Workflow training and spotlight videos.
Extender Workflow Feature

Orchid Partner News - June 2019

This month we announce the release of Extender Workflow. Learn how this latest addition makes Extender, which was already Orchid's most versatile module, even more powerful.