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On Guido van Rossum, the Father of Python

We reflect on Python’s birth and evolution through the eyes of its creator, the recently retired Guido van Rossum.
Partner Awards

Congratulations to Sage Asia award winners

Orchid congratulates PT. Microtek Informa Solusindo for being named the Top Excellence Partner 2019 (Asia), as well as the winners or other country awards.
Australian Trhphies

Congratulations to Sage Australia award winners

Orchid would like to congratulate MicroChannel, Thrive Technologies and Octane Systems for receiving awards at last week's Sage event in Sydney.
Worried Woman at Laptop

Budgeting in the new Age of Uncertainty

In today's world it sometimes seems the only certainty is constant and unsettling change. We look at the implications this has for the future of budgeting and forecasting, and Orchid products that can help.
Wide awake

What keeps you awake at night?

Are you one of the 4 in 10 adults who suffer from lack of quality sleep? Using your ERP system more efficiently can help keep your business out of your bedroom.

(Spread)Sheeting Home the Blame

Bad data can lead to seriously bad outcomes. Lift the lid and the odds are you’ll spot a guilty-looking spreadsheet scurrying for cover.