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Benefits of Automation? Let me count the ways...

The benefits from automating data management tasks using Orchid products might be too many to count...but this list of eleven seems a good place to start.
PyCon AU

Steve and Anne get wrapped up in Python at PyCon AU

Steve and Anne recently spent 3 days experiencing the vibe of the local Python programming community, as over 700 enthusiastic developers gathered in Sydney. 
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Before the deluge…Touching the Cloud

'The Cloud' isn’t just on the horizon, it’s well and truly here. Even if your Sage 300 site isn’t yet ready to take the plunge into the deep end you can still make quite a splash with some clever integration.
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Extender benefits from Python’s inexorable rise to No 1.

Python - the scripting language used by Orchid Extender - is close to becoming the world's most popular programming language, if it's not already there.
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Taking the stress out of ERP Upgrades

Dreading your next ERP Upgrade? You are not alone, but Orchid modules can provide a bridge over troubled waters, enabling version-independent customization and integration.
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800km, one million steps, and seven lessons

Orchid's Nathalie Lesbre recently completed the 800km 'French Way' to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. A million or so steps gave her plenty of time to reflect on how the approach she'd taken to planning and executing this adventure might be applied to major software projects.