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Supercharging On-Time Collections

It's no surprise that late payment of invoices is a problem that can squeeze the lifeblood from a small business. What may surprise you is the many ways that Orchid product can help you get paid faster.
Australian Open 2019

January Serves It Up

We look back on a tumultuous January, while using the Australian Open tennis tournament as a metaphor for an increasingly complex and globalized planet.
Supercharge Sage 300

Supercharging Sage 300

The Sage website describes 5 key benefits of implementing Sage 300cloud. See our suggestions for how you could 'supercharge' those benefits through the addition of Orchid add-ons.
Virtual CFO

Supporting the rise of the Virtual CFO

A combination of changing work practices and evolving technology are creating a fertile environment for the rise of the Virtual CFO. Orchid products are supporting this trend.
25th Anniversary

Orchid Systems Celebrates 25 Years

We can't let 2018 pass by without celebrating the 25th anniversary of Orchid’s founding. Let’s take a quick look back.
Penang 2018

Penang Summit Wrap-Up

We reflect on last week's Sage Asia Partner Summit in Penang, Malaysia and thank all those who helped make the week such a success.