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When the measure of success isn't found on the bottom line

Orchid loves contributing to the success of our end users. That’s especially so when their reason for being, and their measure of success, is about purpose rather than profit.
Invictus Sydney

Unconquered! Invictus Games arrive in Sydney

Orchid staff attended a special event at Sydney Olympic Park to recognize participants in the 4th Invictus Games, currently being held in Sydney. Sage is a Premier Partner of the games.
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Intercompany Accounting…the final frontier for automation?

Corporate structures are becoming ever more complex, and the volume and complexity of intercompany transactions are growing commensurately. Intercompany reconciliation is a growing challenge, and has been called “the last bastion of manual processes”, but help is at hand.

Thoughts on Profitable Customer Centricity

Statements like “the customer must be at the centre of everything we do" have become mantras in modern management speak, even if many businesses don't practice what they preach. We should treat all our customers well, but that doesn't mean treating them all equally.
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Benefits of Automation? Let me count the ways...

The benefits from automating data management tasks using Orchid products might be too many to count...but this list of eleven seems a good place to start.
PyCon AU

Steve and Anne get wrapped up in Python at PyCon AU

Steve and Anne recently spent 3 days experiencing the vibe of the local Python programming community, as over 700 enthusiastic developers gathered in Sydney.