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Chinese Snake

The Year of the Snake: Python adds fangs to Extender

As Python continues its rise up the language league tables the reasons for using Orchid Extender have become even more compelling.

TPAC Wrap, and Orchid Award Winners

As TPAC 2019 draws to a close we take a quick look back, and congratulate our North American award winners.
April Fools' Day

Don't be a fool! Backup your Sage 300 data!

With March 31st being World Backup Day it seems as good a time as any to reflect on whether your backup regime will stop you making a fool of yourself...and how Orchid products can help.
Jim Guthrie Photo

An Accpac Odyssey…from Training Room to Darkroom

How Jim Guthrie followed his passion to transition from Accpac trainer to photographer at large...and inspired Orchid to create our new, unique awards.

Supercharging On-Time Collections

It's no surprise that late payment of invoices is a problem that can squeeze the lifeblood from a small business. What may surprise you is the many ways that Orchid product can help you get paid faster.
Australian Open 2019

January Serves It Up

We look back on a tumultuous January, while using the Australian Open tennis tournament as a metaphor for an increasingly complex and globalized planet.