Improve both productivity and customer service with these Orchid modules, designed to tightly integrate your operational processes into your Sage 300 business management system.


Bin Tracking

Do you need to track individual items against multiple bins within a Sage 300 Inventory Control location?

  • How does it impact your customers when you can’t locate an item to fulfil their order because you’ve lost track of exactly where all your inventory is?
  • Rather than having to purchase, learn, maintain and reconcile a separate warehouse management system just to track multiple bins, wouldn’t you like to do this from within Sage 300, while also supporting the use of handheld barcode scanners?

Return Material Authorizations & Repair Tracking

Do you need to manage the return and/or repair of physical products?

  • Are your customers suffering from poor service, and are you losing money through excessive stock write-offs or unrecovered repair costs, due to poor item tracking and error-prone manual processes?
  • What if you could track returns and repairs accurately, while improving customer service through consistent processes supported by configurable workflows, all from within Sage 300?