Are you constrained by the limitations of standard Sage 300 (Accpac) processes or data? Do you use Optional Fields, spreadsheets, or custom databases to hold information relating to Sage 300 records?

These Orchid modules push out the boundaries of Sage 300, enabling innovative customization, and supporting integration with external software and data sources.



Do you have business or integration requirements that can’t be met by ‘out of the box’ Sage 300 functionality?

  • Are you shocked by high costs associated with software development and upgrades, or worried about adding complexity and risk by introducing solutions that sit outside your ERP system?
  • Did you know there is now a cost-effective way to introduce bespoke business logic, from simple validations and alerts through to custom screens and tables, or integration with external applications, all held within your Sage 300 database?

Optional Tables

Do you store and maintain extra data outside of Sage 300 (e.g. KPIs, budgets)?

  • Are you compromising decision making by holding key data externally, where it can’t be readily shared or included in reports?
  • Wouldn’t you rather have custom, multi-dimensional data structures within your Sage 300 database, enabling better control and visibility, while also allowing you to view and manipulate data in Excel then write it back to Sage 300?


Optional Tables and Data views

Data Views

Do you make use of Sage 300 Optional Fields?

  • Are you struggling to incorporate Optional Fields and custom views into your reports?
  • Did you know there is an easy way to create and maintain database views within Sage 300 that turn your Optional Fields into columns, simplifying report writing and making report running faster and more efficient?
SmartFreight Icon

SmartFreight Link

Do you use both SmartFreight and Sage 300?

  • SmartFreight® is a leading multi-carrier shipping solution, compliant with virtually all domestic transport providers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.
  • SmartFreight Link streamlines Sage 300 integration, managing the bi-directional transfer of data between Sage 300's Order Entry module and SmartFreight. Processing costs can be reduced, data accuracy increased, and analysis of actual freight costs facilitated. 
AMT Icon

AMT Integration

Do you use both AMT asset management software and Sage 300?

  • AMT is an industry leading asset management tool, mainly used for mining and earthmoving equipment.
  • Orchid’s AMT Integration product streamlines interactions with Sage 300, including the automatic generation of Sage 300 Purchase Requisitions and/or Purchase Orders or Internal Issues associated with an AMT Work Order.