Use these modules on their own, together, or in combination with other Orchid add-ons to simplify and automate what can be time consuming, complex and necessary-but-routine tasks.  


Process Scheduler

Do you rely on operations staff to manually kick off recurring processes (e.g. data integrity checks, backups, day end processing), and to ensure they complete without incident?

  • Is your business being exposed to human error, performance degradation, resource conflicts and staff down time due to critical processes being manually executed during working hours?
  • Would you appreciate the peace of mind and convenience of having key processes automatically scheduled, and the efficiency of having them run unattended during off-peak hours, while still being notified if something goes wrong?

Report Runner

Do you or your staff regularly spend time setting up, running and distributing recurring Crystal or Sage 300 Financial Reports?

  • Is time being wasted, or are poor decisions being made, by staff who struggle to access the reports they need, when they need them?
  • Would you like to improve both efficiency and data security by ensuring staff can easily launch and access reports that are relevant to their role, without being distracted by or having unauthorized access to those that aren’t?