Improve both productivity and customer service with these Orchid modules, designed to tightly integrate your operational processes into Sage 300.

Return Material Authorizations

Streamline the management of product returns and repairs, with all information stored within Sage 300. No more standalone databases, spreadsheets, or handwritten notes. Flexible workflows allow you to authorize customer returns, initiate replacement orders, issue credit notes, and return faulty goods to the vendor.

Once the return episode has been completed, cross-referenced accounting entries are generated in Sage 300 (PO, OE and IC), ensuring that your inventory and financial records are kept up-to-date.

Full visibility of status and location are maintained from end to end, so your customers can be kept fully informed of progress. Analytical reports provide early warning of product quality issues, allowing you to take corrective action.

Bin Tracking

Track items stored in multiple bins within a Sage 300 Inventory Control location. Bins can include shelves, slots, containers, barrels, pallets or drawers.

Whether picking or putting away, users know exactly where to find and store any item.

Clear bin locations mean inventory records will be more accurate, with fewer items lost or misplaced. Your warehouse can enjoy improved efficiency, faster turnaround time and speedier dispatch. Efficiency can be improved further still by using hand-held scanning devices.

Asset Management & Shipping Solutions

To find out about Orchid's AMT Integration and SmartFreight Link products, see our Tailoring & Integration solution page.