Improved customer service
More accurate inventory and financial records
Providing you with a traceable single point of information

Why use it?

Do you need to manage the return and/or repair of physical products?

  • Are your customers suffering from poor service, and are you losing money through excessive stock write-offs or unrecovered repair costs, due to poor item tracking and error-prone manual processes?
  • What if you could track returns and repairs accurately, while improving customer service through consistent processes supported by configurable workflows, all from within Sage 300?

What is it?

Return Material Authorizations (RMA) streamlines the management of product returns and repairs from within your Sage 300 system. Flexible workflows allow you to authorize customer returns, initiate replacement orders, issue credit notes, and return faulty goods to the vendor.

Once the return episode has been completed, cross-referenced accounting entries are generated in Sage 300 (PO, OE and IC), ensuring that your inventory and financial records are kept up to date.

All information is stored within Sage 300. No more standalone databases, spreadsheets, or handwritten notes. Full visibility of status and location are maintained from end to end, so your customers can be kept fully informed of progress. Analytical reports provide early warning of product quality issues, allowing you to take corrective action.

The move towards an online economy has brought greater competition, lower margins, and ever higher service expectations. An integrated, automated system to consistently and efficiently manage returns and repairs has never been more important.

Orchid's RMA module has been helping Sage 300 (Accpac) users manage their returns since 1999, evolving with each subsequent release.

  • Faster turnaround, happier customers.
  • More efficient processes lead to reduced costs.
  • Reduced stock losses through more accurate inventory control.
  • Quick and easy repair tracking and billing.
  • Maximise cost recovery by correctly charging for repairs.
  • Greater focus on product quality means reduced stock write-offs.
  • No more duplication, re-keying and checking. Saves time, reduces errors.
  • Developed in the Sage 300 SDK, resulting in standard look & feel, security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking, and more.

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What do our clients think?

"Orchid provide super quick turnaround. It's why I love working with them!"


“Orchid RMA allowed our client to improve customer service, and reduce inventory handling costs.”